Is The Pope Planning A Tweet-Up?

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It’s Wednesday, and around here that doesn’t just mean Hump Day.  Wednesdays here also mean I have another article over at Sprocket Ink.  This one is a short one, but I think a pretty good one.

You may have heard about this… the Pope sent out his very first tweet the other day, using an iPad of course.  When it comes to papal tweets, apparently there is an app for that.  I thought this was kind of a funny story so I shared my thoughts on it in my own smart ass way.  How long before he tweets about that annoying big hat he has to wear?  Click here to go check it out…   ok?


I know I hit this pretty hard the other day, but just wanted to remind you… I wrote a book!!  If you didn’t catch my post on Monday, it’s sort of a two part book.  One part is my story of how I started this blog, not knowing what the hell I was doing.  The second part is full of tips, tricks and strategies I learned along the way to get followers to my blog.  Are you looking for more followers?  Then you absolutely need this book!

It’s only $1.99 which is a very small investment to make towards the long term success of your blog… don’t you think?  I should sell cars huh? 

It’s available now on Amazon for your Kindle, or at Smashwords for Kindle and just about every other format.  If you are like me and don’t have an e-reader, you can even get it in a PDF on Smashwords and just read it on your computer!  You can even look at a couple sample pages of the book first to see if it’s your thing.  See, you have no excuse.

If you still need convincing?  Check out what Jane from Rattlebox had to say about it on her blog:

Yep, for a humble £1.25 ($1.99 US) you can buy the key to blogging success. Hints, tips, jokes and a straightforward approach that will leave you thinking that yes, even a dork like me can achieve squillions of Followers.

Homework for today:  Check out my Sprocket Ink article, then go read a sample of my e-book!



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