Half Assed Weekly Recap

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This past week was a long one.  We had one of the busiest weeks of the year at my job, and now starting this week things should fall back into a normal routine.  I am salaried, and being in management I don’t get any kind of overtime compensation at all.  So I usually don’t like to think about just how much I am working in terms of hours…  it only serves to piss me off.

But this past week from Monday – Saturday I worked 63 hours.  And Friday was a half day!  But I have Monday off.  I think I just may get a little looped tonight.  Anyone want to meet me for about a dozen Blue Moons?

I’m going to use this post to briefly recap what happened around the blog this week – which isn’t much, considering how busy I was.


My post was titled Weiners And Drunks.  Yes, it covers both along with a couple visuals for you.  Drake Sigar has a funny “bloggers in video games” post right now – I’m included in it, and I die a tragic death.  Boo!  He is always good for a funny comment, and on this post he left this gem:

Please don’t put “weiner” and “asshole” in the same sentence, it tortures the portion of your readers who are currently imprisoned.


I highlighted my weekly Sprocket Ink article, in a post called Terrorists Are Attacking Toilets Now??  The post talks about bomb-proof toilets, and Mynx from the blog Dribble added this comment, that will maybe make more sense if you go read the Sprocket Ink article!

We have public toilets here that if you linger too long, they lock and self clean the cubicle. So you could get a shower too.



I announced how YOU could win a $50 Amazon gift card in my Friday post. You’re going to want to go read that one if you missed it.  Who doesn’t like FREE SHIT??  Jo-Anne Rambling left a comment asking how I know the number of comments I’ve received.  In Blogger, when you click the COMMENTS tab to read all your comments, you’ll see the total number on the top right of that list.

As an update… I am less than 150 comments away from hitting 5,000 now so pay attention and keep stopping back over the next week or two so that you have a shot at the money!


Also a special shout out to The Blog Muse.  She helped me out via twitter with some e-book formatting advice the other day.  Have you seen her site?  She’s pregnant, and apparently “about to pop” as some rude person recently pointed out to her.  So she posted all the dumb questions pregnant women get asked, along with some hilarious smart ass answers.  I’m a dude, whose never had kids – therefore never spent a lot of time around any knocked up chicks.  But I still thought these were damn funny.  Give her a read, you’ll like it!



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