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I’ve been teasing this for a few weeks and I am finally ready to go into launch mode.  I am now officially an e-published author!  Yep, even a jackass like me can write a book these days.  And this book is one that can help you become a BETTER BLOGGER.

I’ve answered lots of emails and comments from people asking how I developed my following.  Being chosen as a Blog of Note helped but there was also plenty of work I did on my own to gain 2,000+ followers in the ten months this thing has been live.  Through trial and error methods I’ve discovered simple ways to drive traffic to my blog – without using any of that complicated search engine optimization crap you read about – and I’m ready to share it all with you!

If you’re a regular reader here, you’ll be glad to know I tried to write the e-book with the same attitude you get on my blog.  In the e-book I’m sort of a smart-ass and you’ll see occasional swearing… but you can deal with that.  Why can’t a book be both informative and entertaining??

And it’s not just about getting new people to visit your blog… it’s about getting them to FOLLOW your blog.  You’ll also get tips on post formatting, style and content that will help convince people to click that little “follow” button once they stop by your page.

Yes, I am charging for this e-book – but it’s only $1.99 for close to 10,000 words of pure gold.  Ok, not PURE gold.  More like a fair amount of gold mixed in with lots of silver and occasional shit.  But still, I spend TWICE that much every time I walk into Starbucks and I don’t get near the satisfaction that you’ll get with this e-book. 

So here it is…

Proven Ways To Add New Followers Every Single Day

And also available now at Smashwords for the Kindle, Nook, Sony Reader, Kobo and  just about every other format.  Or you can get it as a PDF that you can read on your computer or print it out old school!

As a special offer for the release of this book… I will give FREE copies via Smashwords to the first FIVE people to agree to review the book on their own blogs.  If you’re interested, just be one of the first five to email me at and I’ll send you back a coupon code to download it FREE.  Try to go easy on me in the review though, I have a fragile ego.

And you can get a free sample at both Amazon and Smashwords… so go give it a try!



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