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Got your attention?  Here’s the deal.  I am going to do another blog giveaway.  This one will be easy and 100% absolutely, completely random.  You won’t have to make any guesses regarding my gambling habits and you won’t have to post about this on your blog.  Hell you won’t even have to acknowledge that this giveaway even exists and you could STILL be the big winner. 

Sometime in the next couple weeks I will get my 5,000th comment here on my blog.  It has truly amazed me that all of you stop and read this random shit every week and the fact that 5 people would comment is awesome.  But to get 5,000 comments in the span of about 10 1/2 months and a little over 200 posts really floors me.  I have the best commenters on the net – there is no doubt about that.

You guys rock my world. 

So here’s the deal.  I am going to give away a $50 Amazon gift card to the person who leaves comment number 5,000.  As I mentioned, going at the pace things have been going, it will happen in the next couple weeks.  I’ll let you know when it does and will probably give the winner some kick ass pimping in the process.  All you need to do is comment on each post and you could be the lucky winner!

What would you get for $50 at Amazon?

I’d get some books or maybe a few DVDs.  But you can get a lot more than DVDs at Amazon.  You can get some Big Ass Boots, or some Ugly Ass Buddha Figurines.  Hell, you can even get 10 sets of those stupid things for $50.

Actually forget the DVDs.  I’d probably go with a Leather Whip or maybe a Ball Gag.  But I’m weird like that.  Yes, you can buy all kinds of interesting sex toys on Amazon too.  Random Girl?

Stay tuned!



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