Half Assed Weekend – May 15

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As mention in my last post, I played basketball on Friday afternoon with some coworkers.  This may not be too unusual for many guys but it is for me.  I don’t play basketball.  I never have.  I have played lots of different sports in my life but basketball was not one of them.

And as expected I was not very good.  In addition to not being very good, I was the second oldest dude in the bunch.  And three of the five other guys are at least 7 years younger than I.  You can probably start to see why this whole proposition made me a bit nervous.

The saving grace was that I was not the oldest dude there… and the one who is a couple years older than myself is also not a big basketball kinda guy.  So we guarded each other..  thank God.  I am sore and stiff enough as it is (not in a good way) so I can only imagine how things would have gone if I’d been stuck guarding one of the guys in their mid 20′s.  At the of the day, we WON… no thanks to me.  And the best part was a the free drinks the losing team had to buy for us that night.

As typical of Minneapolis lately it’s been a cloudy, rainy, all around shitty weekend.  So all I have to write about is another crazy page in that goofy catalog I get.

Today I bring you.. 

The Bottle Tree

I snapped this with my camera phone, which is why it sucks – as do most of the pictures I post here.  But I think you get the gist of this thing.  It’s a metal “tree” with posts that stick out for you to slide beer bottles onto.  And there are LED lights on the end of those posts that will alternate colors, lighting the bottles in red, blue and green for a nice festive, white trash look.

By the looks of it you couldn’t use wine bottles, or anything else.  Just beer.  I’ll bet cheap beer works best – that’s just my opinion.  Maybe Old Milwuakee or Busch Light.

So as I always do with these stupid catalog items, I have to wonder… who the hell is buying this?  Have any of you seen this in a house?  Unless it’s a frat house I just don’t get it.  If I brought this thing into our house, the Lady Friend would probably throw the bottles at me. 



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