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Posted by Simple Dude | Posted in Uncategorized | Posted on 23-03-2011

I need to thank all of you Simpletons BIG TIME for your help on my post yesterday about my Lady Friend’s dwindling list of friends, and just how one goes about making NEW friends once you get into your 30′s.  I was truly blown away by all the great responses – more than 50 already!  I thought I would get a few good answers and a lot of funny stuff (which is always welcome by the way) but you guys have come through in a huge way.

Suggestions such as a kickboxing class, running groups or other similar ideas are great ideas as we both are into staying fit.  Also something to do with her photography passion would be good.  I know she’d be into a book group but doesn’t have a lot of spare time to read these days between a busy job and taking some masters level classes at night.  Unfortunately those are  IT classes so most of the people she meets through school are nerds – no real friend possibilities there.

I didn’t even tell her I wrote that post – she rarely browses her way onto my blog without me asking her to read something.  If she doesn’t stumble onto it in the next few days I am planning on telling her this weekend and letting her read all your awesome suggestions.  Hopefully she won’t be pissed at me for putting it out there!

I figured there must be other people dealing with something similar, but was amazed at how many of you have mentioned this has happened to you or your significant other at some point.   Inside The Philosophy Factory invited my Lady Friend to join them for coffee with her BFF who are also here in the Twin Cities.  You never know, she just might take you up on that!

And A Little Sprite actually thanked me for the post as she has found herself in a similar situation and said she was going to try out some of the suggestions.  I’d love to hear if any of them work – and I’ll be sure to update everyone on my Lady Friend’s situation and let you know how much your suggestions helped – I’m already sure some of them are exactly what she needs.

Feel free to go back and leave any other suggestions you have may – they are all very welcome and the Lady Friend and I will take them all to heart!

In the meantime, I’m back over at Sprocket Ink today!  This post is about GUNS baby!  Well, sort of.  Give it a look will ya?

Have a great day kids.. thanks again.  Oh, and as a teaser..  my post on Friday will be about a meeting I had with an FBI agent last week.  


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