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Posted by Simple Dude | Posted in Uncategorized | Posted on 22-03-2011

Ok..  got kind a sort of serious question for all my Simpletons – yep I need YOUR advice.  Especially the female Simpletons out there. The Lady Friend is experiencing something that I think happens more often to women then to men.  Her friends are dwindling.  She had a core group of friends from high school, college or early in her adulthood, but they have sort of grown apart.  Which leaves her without a lot of female friends for ladies night out activities.

Personally I don’t have this problem at all.  Between coworkers that I hang out with or friends from previous jobs, college and even high school, I always have guys I can call if I want to get out and live it up.  The Lady Friend comes along sometimes but even when she doesn’t she’s cool with me going out with the dudes.  But I know she’d like to have more dudettes to hang with on her own too.  She gets along with the lady friends of my guy friends, but I don’t think she has any potential best friends in that group. 

Keep in mind we’re in our 30′s and don’t have kids, so she’s out the mommy loop.  She actually brought up going to a church and getting involved.  To be honest churches are not really my thing, nor hers, and I think she (or we) would be doing it for the wrong reasons.  But we were both brought up going to church, so if it works for her to meet some friends in her age group I’d be open to trying it.  I feel bad that she is missing out on that part of life.

I know this happens to women more often then men for some reason – I’ve heard some of my guy friends saying the same thing about their wives / lady friends.  So…  any suggestions?  It’s not easy making new friends for her at this age.  Has this happened to any of you, particularly as you get into your 30′s and outgrow old friends?  What have you done about it?  Can I drink wine, Jameson, beer and smoke some funny business all in the same night without getting sick?  These are all questions I need answers to people.

And because I can’t resist posting something stupid, here is a photo I took of a sculpture not far from my house.

 I think it’s either supposed to be:

A)  A kid trying to open a fire hyrant.
B)  A kid trying to hump a fire hydrant.
C)  A kid trying to pretend the fire hydrant is his pecker.  At least that’s what I would do.



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