I’ve Got A Confession

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It’s another Half Assed Weekend folks, get used to it.  Last weekend I asked for input on some of these half assed weekend posts, or really any post where I am shit out of things to talk about.  Hey, it happens, deal with it. 

I got lots of responses on whether I should post old bad poetry I wrote, mostly from college, my take on some old music, probably mostly 60′s – 80′s stuff, or some Simple Dude style movie and / or TV reviews.  Broken down by percentage, your votes were as such:

Bad poetry:  19%
Old music:  55%
Reviews: 26%

There were some other suggestions, like The Onion from Lots of Layers saying I should write about my worst date.  That’s a tough one for me as I don’t have a lot of dating horror stories.  I had a bunch of first dates that didn’t lead to second dates for various reasons but not because something horrific happened.

Although I do have story about a guy I used to work with and a first date.  It involves poop.  I’ll save that for next weekend.  I swear it’s not about me, I’d be more than proud if it was.

Since I am one to please, I will probably do a little of all three of the voting options, but more of the music & TV/movie reviews.  For the music stuff, I’m just going to open my phone which currently has over 1,100 of my favorite songs on it and hit shuffle.  Whatever comes up, I’m going to share with you.  That’s a small percentage of the 20,000 or so songs I have on my computer but that would be way too random, even for a jackass like me.

There is a problem with this method.  There is going to be a LOT of guilty pleasure songs.  As much as I hate to admit it, there will be hair bands, some twangy country, a little Young MC style rap, maybe even disco.  This could get embarrassing, but who gives a shit right? 

The first one I am not ashamed of at all.  Do you watch The Office?  If so, you know who Creed is right?  The goofy older guy who always has odd random things to say.  Did you know the guy that plays Creed is named (ironically) Creed Bratton and he was a legitimate rock star?  He was in a band called The Grass Roots who had their hey day in the late 60′s.  This is one of their bigger hits, and one of my all time favorite songs, Midnight Confessions:

Creed is the taller guitar player on the left who doesn’t get a lot of face time in this video.  This song has a mix of rock, soul and that late 60′s psychadelic thing going on that I have always liked.  Not to mention the whole confession of love thing.  Creed was only in the band for a few years, they had sort of a revolving door of members throughout the 60′s and 70′s.  In fact more than 30 guys can claim to have been in The Grass Roots…  hmmm…  reminds me of one of my ex-girlfriends.

Anyway – hope you dig it.  Who knows where the next random shuffle will take us… maybe something really shitty like Warrant or KC & The Sunshine Band.  They’re both in the phone…  maybe this wasn’t such a good idea.



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