Dope Smokin’ Granny ?

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Once again I have a post up over at Sprocket Ink so I am hoping you all will go check it out… as I have mentioned before, it’s a big honor that they let me write over there and with the hopes that they don’t realize how much of a schmuck I am and kick me to the curb.  To prevent that from happening, I’d love for all of you to show me some love over there… check out my article, comment and give me some feedback.  Either there, here or maybe carrier pigeon or pony express or some shit.  Just give it a look see huh?  It’s about a pot smokin’ granny.  Seriously. 

Do you ever watch that cable show Heavy?  We DVR it and watch them every so often when there is nothing else on.  It’s not what I would call high quality TV.  It is exactly what you would think it is… a show about people that are morbidly obese who are put on a crash diet / exercise routine.  They regularly drop 100 pounds or more during their time on the show. 

There are no competitions like on The Biggest Loser.  It’s all about them beating the scale.  And in that process some real stuff happens – including some moments that are really friggin’ hilarious, whether intended that way or not.  I just watched an episode the other day with a woman who was hiding big jars of peanut butter in her closet.  Obviously eating hand fulls of PB late at night when you’re supposed to be on a diet ain’t helping the trainers cause.  And they were pissed, as you can imagine.  She was in complete denial about it – thinking it was no big deal.  Uhhh..  maybe that’s the real problem here?!

One of the funny parts of the show (completely unintentional) is this shrink lady who is there to help with the emotional issues these people are going through.  The things she says are not funny.  The way she says them is not funny.  It’s much more simple and juvenile then that.  It’s the way she looks.  She’s goofy looking.  And without trying to, makes goofy faces as she talks. 

The Lady Friend and I like to just randomly hit PAUSE on the DVR when she is on the screen just to see what kind of weird expression we can capture.  This is one I caught the other day:

Yes, I literally held up my phone and took a photo of the TV.  I’m not saying that seeing a psychiatrist isn’t a good thing for some people.  But is it really helping when the one you’re seeing is looking at you like this??

When DVR’s first came about I’d do the random pauses while watching the news just to catch goofy faces.  Anytime you have a talking head live on camera like that you’ll catch something amusing – give it a try.  I’m not saying it’s like watching a Oscar winning movie or anything, but it’ll give you a chuckle for a few minutes.

Hope you are all having a good Monday.  Here in frozen Minnesota we’re having a lovely day with temps in the low 30s.  Lovely if it were January.  Spring is fuckin’ awesome!!

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