Bradley Cooper Ain’t Bad Looking

Posted by Simple Dude | Posted in Uncategorized | Posted on 29-03-2011

Last weekend the Lady Friend and I were having a conversation about a certain male celebrity.  I made a comment about this guy being good looking and a good actor who is on the verge of breaking out and becoming a major Brad Pitt or Johnny Depp size force in the movie biz.  She thought this was a little amusing.

This whole conversation sprung up on the drive home from seeing the movie Limitless.  Yep, I was talking about Bradley Cooper.  I’m normally not one to go on about how good looking a guy is, although in certain occasions I can see it.  I can see why women think some guys are attractive.  It just makes sense.  It’s no different then how sometimes you CAN’T see why people find someone attractive.  Like Fergie from Black Eyed Peas.  I have said before many times… she has a man face.  Yeah, her body is ok – but her face looks like a dude.

So back to Mr. Cooper.  We’ve all seen The Hangover and know he’s good in the comedy genre.  Limitless is more of a fast paced action drama.  And he’s good in that too.  I can see him making the leap to super stardom.  That’s all I was saying to the Lady Friend but of course she had to have her fun with it.

It’s always easier for ladies to admit that other ladies are attractive.  For some reason us guys don’t get into that at all.  At least we won’t publicly say it. 

But we are not as moronic as we like you to believe.  We can tell a good looking ripped dude, from a fat sweaty mess of a dude.  I particularly know this difference because I am a good looking ripped dude and I hang out with fat sweaty dudes to make myself look even better.  Ha!  Just kidding… or am I?

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