Oscars, Dreams And Free Money

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Hey Simpletons.  Ok, no free money.  Sorry, just trying to be sure you clicked.

Can you half ass a Monday post after half assing your weekend post?  Well I am.  Technically I am not actually half assing my post, as I have a full complete post – it’s just on another blog. And I’m also a complete ass.  Wait.. what?

Before I tell you where to find my real post today, I have a few thoughts on the Oscars to share:

Kirk Douglas was actually pretty funny for someone who died two years ago.  Come on, it’s a joke.

What was up with Christian Bale’s beard?  He was great in that movie and deserved to win – until I saw that beard.  Is he playing the Gordon’s Fisherman in a movie right now??

Does Randy Newman have polaroids of someone really important in Hollywood banging a goat?  He must.  How else has his career singing shitty movie songs lasted so long?

I saw on a commercial during the Oscars that Dana Delaney is going to be on a new show..  I’ve had a thing for her for a heck of long time.  Yeah, she’s old, but still looks pretty hot so… i’ll be watching!

Overall, it was kind of a snoozer.  I’ll always watch the Oscars, because it’s such an event – plus what the hell else is on TV on Sunday nights?  Especially in the age of DVRs.  But this year was not memorable – other than Melissa Leo from The Fighter throwing out the f-bomb during her acceptance speech.  She was great in that movie though, and absolutely deserved to win.

Now on to my complete post.  I have pimped the website Studio30 Plus a handful of times.  It’s a great website for bloggers who are at least 30 years old.  I actually won their 2011 Boomerang Award for Newbie Blogger.  If you’re not a member, and you’re at least 30 years old, be sure to go check it out.

Especially check it out today because I am featured in their magazine, which is why I am not writing a post here.  The article is about a dream I had over the weekend, and my Lady Friend’s interpretation.  Even you’re a young pup and not 30 years old I hope you go check it out – I could use some feedback! 

Here is the post.

Thanks kids!



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