Half Assed Weekend – Sunday

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Time for round two of my Half Assed posting this weekend.  There are lots of great bloggers that added my new button and I appreciate it immensely.  I have shied away from adding buttons to my page because there are so many great blogs out there and I would never be able to give them all proper pimping.

Before I get to thanking those who added my button, I have to ask… are you following me on Twitter: @SimpleDude17 ??  How about Facebook ??   I don’t post on Facebook as often as I should, but I do send some stupid ass tweets out into the virtual world.

If you are not following me, this is a sample of some of the brilliant tweets you’re missing, just in the last couple weeks:

I follow some tweeters I absolutely hate, just to keep getting confirmation on what a-holes they are.

Its ironic Black Eyed Peas did that Guns N Roses song. Fergie has a more masculine face than Axl Rose.

 The lady friend just told me I scratch myself so much it’s like a part time job.

An IBM computer is set to compete on Jeopardy. I hear if it doesn’t phrase it’s answers as questions, Trebek is going to slap it’s floppy.

The E-Trade baby has more than 11,000 twitter followers. That’s 11,000 less people my Mensa application will have to compete with.

Tweeting the word flatulence = losing one follower. Wonder what would have happened if I had tweeted the word stinkpalm.

I’ll be damned… MTV is bringing Beavis and Butthead back. Next thing you know they’ll be playing music again.

Facebook has added the relationship status “In A Civil Union.” Why are all the statuses positive? Why not add “In A Dead End Relationship”

Some other possible Facebook relationship statuses: “Stuck With The Chick I Knocked Up”

Alternate Facebook relationship status: “Hanging Out With A Guy Because I Really Want To Sleep With His Brother” 

Alternate Facebook relationship status: “Dating A Girl, But Looking For A Hotter One”

Ok, in hindsight maybe it’s not that brilliant.  Those last couple tweets were part of a bunch I sent out Friday after reading that Facebook was officially adding the relationship status choices: “In A Civil Union” and “In A Domestic Partnership” so I decided why not add some more specific, honest relationship statuses as well?  Yandie, Goddess of Pickles aka @LilMsCreant got into the spirit and was adding her own. 


So on with the pimping.  Hang on.. let me get my furry pimp hat and diamond studded cane out.  Ok, now I’m ready to do this.  Here are some awesome blogs displaying my new button!

Amber LaShell Rants – She also designed my Half Assed Weekend badge!

It’s Five O’Clock Here – A newer blog that deserves a few looks!

The Giggle Fest – I like the design of this blog a lot, very visually appealing!

Extra Wind From The Power – Follow the lives of a gaggle of virtual dogz – sort of like a doggy soap opera!

The Big Fat Hurt – Great blog, click on it now!  Follow Amy on her journey of weight loss and positive thinking.  Plus above my button it says this is the coolest blog she’s read.  Flattery gets you EVERYWHERE with me. 

Talkative Taurus – One of my favorite followers.  Check her out, and follow her on Twitter too!

Thanks bloggers!!

UPDATE:  I just checked and apparently a handful of your emails about my button went into my SPAM folder and got mixed in with the emails from people that want me to help them get money out of Kenya or overweight British men who want to marry me.  Sorry folks… i’ll do another round of pimping mid-week.  

Be sure to stop back here tomorrow, I’ll have a guest post from Fickle Cattle.  He was actually one of the very first blogs I followed.  His post will be about something we all think about… anonymous commenters.



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