Half Assed Weekend – Feb 27

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My week was a very busy one, working late a couple different nights and going drinking a couple different nights, including one night with a friend who was back in town for the week.  This guy is someone I used to work with, who moved to the West Coast this past summer.

He and I have stayed in touch since he moved and about a week ago he casually mentioned to me there was a job opening at his company that would be a good fit for me.  I didn’t think much of it at first, but after talking to the Lady Friend I decided it wouldn’t hurt to at least send my resume.  My friend thinks with his recommendation I’ll at least get an interview so if nothing else I’ll get a free (though very quick) trip to California when they fly me out to interview.  I know the job pays more than mine, I just don’t know how much more.  I have a certain dollar amount in mind and if they offer less I wouldn’t even consider it.  If they offer more I’d have some serious thinking to do.

I don’t have kids, so it wouldn’t be that tough to pick up and move.  The Lady Friend would join me at some point, she hates her job anyway and in her field I know she’d find work out there easily.  No, she’s not a stripper.  But that’s something to fall back on I guess.  It’s just a little stressful to think about moving halfway across the country.  I do have a cousin in San Francisco and a cousin in the L.A. area, plus an uncle and my brother both live between San Diego and L.A. so I have plenty of family in Cali. 

So I sent my resume off on Thursday.  We’ll see what happens.  I’ll keep you posted.   


Kick Ass Comments

I had a TON of great comments on my big bacon donut dilemma from earlier this week.  I never did get one of these sweet goodies, which still has me upset – and apparently just by bringing it up I have now upset many of you since now YOU want one too.  Although I hear I can get one in Portland at a place called Voodoo…  so maybe I need to plan a summer donut roadtrip.

One of my favorite comments came from Nicki at The Loaded Handbag.  Check out her blog, she’s not only a great writer but a great photographer.  She pointed out something that I refuse to share with the Lady Friend:

“So in the end you DID blog about the bacon donuts…I’m going to chalk this up as a win in her court.”

And then I also had some great comments about the Facebook Stalking App which apparently was removed this week.  Vinny C from As Vinny C’s It shared his thoughts:

“Thanks to Facebook, no more hiding in the bushes & digging through their garbage. Technology really makes everything easier.”

Indeed!  What the hell did we do before technology made our shady behavior not only less shady but socially acceptable!  Yay for progress!

Speaking of technology, my Friday post about internet porn got a lot of awesome comments.  I could have copied and pasted about 10 of them into this post but am going to go with just one from Random Girl:

“Some guys use porn because that can’t get it at home, but some guys don’t get it at home because they use porn.. and piss off the real life vagina they have access to. His loss.”

She then went on to say I was not allowed to post about pissed off vaginas, because she was going to do that.  I hope like hell she wasn’t lying.

Have a great Sunday all you Simpletons.  It’s a good day to sit on your ass and watch it get fatter.  FYI.. for all you folks who visit from out of country, that’s simply the American way. 



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