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Have you ever stalked an ex via Facebook?  Ok, pardon me.. lets try that again:  Have you ever looked up an ex to see what they are doing these days?  I am sure you have.  In fact if you say no I will suspect you are a dirty liar.  Even if we are in a relationship we still have at least a passing interest in what certain people from our past are doing.  And of course Facebook gives you the chance to see if THEY are in a relationship too, via the stupid Relationship Status.  I copied some of my recent tweets regarding “Alternative Relationship Statuses” into my post from last weekend if you want to check those out.  

Apparently Facebook has made stalking just a little bit easier with a new app:  The Facebook Breakup Notifier.  It’s as simple as it sounds.  If a certain someone you have your eye on changes their relationship status, this handy little App will email you to let you know right away.

So if a co-worker split with her boyfriend over the weekend, you can swoop in on Monday to console her over happy hour cosmos.  Or maybe that hot dude in your scrapbook class seems to have become single overnight.  Now you can give him something new to cut and paste.  I have no idea what that means.

Maybe this is more of a curiosity thing than a tool for legitimate stalkers since if you want to really, truly want to stalk someone, I’m guessing you don’t give a shit what their “status” is. 


I did a bunch of blog pimping in my Saturday and Sunday posts this past weekend.  But I missed out on some great blogs since the people emailing me must have had suspicious email accounts, as their emails went into my SPAM folder and went unseen.

Ok, maybe it wasn’t their email addresses – maybe my email system sucks donkey butt.  The only thing that usually ends up in my spam folders are solicitations for Rolex watches or a Nigerian Prince wanting me to help them embezzle money out of their country.  I’m not falling for that again.  Bastard didn’t have any money at all..  he just wanted to marry me for a bullshit green card.

So I promised the folks that got screwed out of their pimping that I would get them into a post this week… so here it is:

Welcome to Janet’s World – She even has me included on her “Blogs I Stalk” page.  And that alone is reason enough for me to pimp her blog!

Just Another Day In Paradise – Bruce has about 13 great blogs now and it always amazes me how he keeps up with all of them and still manages to be one of the BEST commenters around.  Check him out and I am sure you’ll end up following at least one of his blogs.

English Speaking Zone – Barbara is in Poland and may be my only Polish follower – at least the only one I know about!  Her blog is very positive and uplifting – give it a click!

Tilting At Windmills – His most recent post is about the European Hockey League playoffs and the teams involved.  Which is cool for me, being a big hockey fan, but beyond that we also get info on the cities the teams are from.  So it’s entertaining AND educational!

Beyond The Borderline Personality – Very in depth blog discussing various mental health issues.  My silly nonsense may not fit in too well with the legitimate content Haven puts out – by my button is there and I always appreciate that!

Thanks to all of you!



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