I’d Rather Be Hungover

Posted by Simple Dude | Posted in Uncategorized | Posted on 31-01-2011

First off – to all of you that commented about how I didn’t sound very drunk in my drunken post over the weekend?  It’s taken about 20 years of drinking to be this coherent and drunk all at that same time.  Practice makes perfect right?

I write all my posts in advance… sometimes just a day or two, sometimes a week, depending on when an idea hits me.  Right now as I write this on Sunday afternoon I am sick.  I think it’s just a standard cold, but its enough to make me miserable.  I felt this starting to come on Saturday morning, although at the time I thought it was a hangover.  But it didn’t go away.  By the time I went to bed Saturday night I knew it was something more.  

Today I have barely left the couch all day.  It’s been a nice, lazy day.  Well, it would be nice if not for the whole sickness thing.  All I have done is research airfare and hotels for a trip to Vegas the Lady Friend and I will be taking in May.  No, we are not eloping – I even told a friend of mine I will give him my house if we come back married.  Unfortunately with my laziness today – and being in a cold medicine fog – I had a tough time coming up with a post idea.

So I’m going to take a day off.  I’ll leave you with this thought – we ran out of kleenex today so I have gone through nearly a full roll of TP without ever wiping my ass.  My nose is raw.  

The top comment over the weekend was another one of those “why didn’t I think of that” moments.  Lauren at Inarticulate Sparkle asked: 
“You think the candelabra (candle bra?) would work on boxed wine too?”

If I had one, I’d sure as hell try.



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