Half Assed Weekend – Jan. 22nd

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It’s time for another Half Assed Weekend post. To understand the purpose behind the Half Assed Weekend, check out last weekend’s post.
Checking out last weekend’s post not only helps you understand why I Half Ass my blog posts on weekends, but it also reminds you about those wonderful Toilet Mugs and the moronic catalog I got in the mail.  Because a couple days after taking photos of the shit mug, I paged through the rest of the catalog… and guess what?  More Blog Fodder!!!  And it’s perfect for a Half Assed Weekend post.
Let me introduce all my Simpletons to the 6-Pack Drink Holster.  Get a load of this:
So let me get this straight… you want to keep all the beers near you – so close that you don’t need to bend over, or even reach out to grab the next one.  But I don’t think you’d even be able to sit down wearing this.  I guess you could, but I suspect it would be pretty uncomfortable.  So that means you can’t claim laziness since you are standing up the whole time.   And yet you get to avoid the hassle of walking into the kitchen to get your next beer. 

Although if you’re the type of dude wearing this you probably keep your fridge out on the front lawn.

Here is a close up of the photo on the bottom left:
As you can see, these come in black, pink or that ever popular hilljack color: CAMO.  Now this picture makes me think the holster may not be so bad after all.  She looks like a happy, well put together chick.  She’s got a nice smile and enough beer to last at least a few hours.

But that brings me to another point – how the hell are the beers going to stay cold?  Two different things are going to happen if you load up your 6-Pack Drink Holster with beer.   First off it’s going to get pretty cold against your skin right?  How would you like to have six ice cold cans pressed up against your waist?  And the result of that of course would mean your body heat would warm them up.   I like to drink beer, and can drink them pretty quickly.  But not quick enough to keep six beers from getting warm.
Ok, so this is more of a gag gift than something practical… I get it.  But even as a gag gift would you buy this?  Oh and by the way… I found one more stupid ass thing in that catalog – you’ll get to see it next weekend!

Friday’s post about the TV show My Strange Addiction featured some great comments regarding the woman who eats toilet paper – it was hard to pick my favorites.  But this stood out:

CBC at The Clover Bottle Cap wrote:  

“Not that I would want to see it, but think of the paper mache art that chick craps out!”

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