Going Down Under

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Last Friday I got out of work early so was home mid afternoon.  I’ve commented many times in the past about how lousy daytime TV is and I’m sure you’d all agree.  So in flipping around I stopped on Oprah.  I have watched Oprah a handful of times over the last six months or so, if I’m home sick or whatever.  Don’t judge me – up against all the other shit on at that time, her show isn’t that bad.  Would I watch it at 9:00pm?  Hell no.  At 4:00pm?  Yeah, maybe. 

So last Friday she was showing highlights from some shows she did in the last year Down Under.  You know, in Australia.  This is pretty ironic.  I have never been Down Under myself.  I’ve been back there, over yonder, upstairs, this way, that way, right here and left out.  But never Down Under.  At least until now!

Technically, no…  I am physically still here in Minnesota.  The icebox of the U.S.  But virtually?  I’m Down Under RIGHT NOW where it’s the middle of summer.  I’m specifically at Dribble, the blog run by my favorite Aussie, Mynx.  I took over her joint today with a guest post.  The subject I chose to write about is one of my least favorite things to do in this whole freakin’ messed up world.  No, it had nothing to do with leg shaving or face shaving.

Go check it out – and while you’re there browse around and check out her other posts.  Mynx won’t mind, she’s cool like that.  She is in the process of a move right now so she’s been hosting some guest posts and re-posting some of her own older stuff too.

I’ll be back in the next day or two with some non-stop nonsense and flippin-hilarity.  Well, at least I’ll laugh – and amusing myself has always been my number one priority in life!  Until then, I’ll leave you with one of my favorite bad jokes:

Two astronauts were sitting around talking and one says “Did you hear they opened a new nightclub on the moon?”  

The other one replies, “No, I didn’t.  How is it?”

“It’s ok.  The drinks are real cheap.  But it has no atmosphere.”  

Yeah, I know it’s bad..  but give me a break, this shits free.


My post about the messed up advice my 20 year old self would give to me 16 year old self brought lots of great comments… led by these:

Falen aka Thundercat832 at Colorful Rants of a Fed Up Sista always leaves great comments, like this one:

“I would defiantly tell my younger self to punch the hell out of Danny Zeo…some jerk in high school that pulled down my pants in front of the whole school! I better not catch that jackass on the street!”

And Bushman at A Simple Life said something that makes me wish I had though of it:

“20 yr old Bushman walks over to 16 yr old Bushman and says see that guy standing over there watching. That’s us at 37. Let’s go see if he’ll buy us some beer. Some things just wouldn’t ever change!”

Happy Australia Day!  


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