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I’ve been blogging just over four months now, so not a full year’s worth of crap, nonsense, rants and raves.  Not even half a year.  But even so I decided this morning that I couldn’t allow my last post of 2010 to be about Pajama Jeans.  Even if that means a quick post – which is what you are getting now.  
I’m sure you have noticed the new look of Simple Dude in a Complex World.  I like it a lot – it’s the work of one of my favorite bloggers Rabbit at The Journey.  I really envy his creativity.  He is equally adept at both the written word and visual arts and he shares all of it with us via his blog.  Please do yourself a favor and follow him if you don’t already – and be sure to practice Blogging Without Givahootery
I have a quick New Years Eve story from when I was in my early 20′s.  A good friend of mine married his high school sweetheart when they were both about 21 or so.  I feel getting married at that age is a mistake.  Even if things work out, you’ll still inevitably have questions about what your missing in life.  And as with many couples who get married that early my friend and his wife had their share of problems.  We could all tell the marriage was heading for divorce, and I think they knew it too.  
But on New Years Eve they were still together, and along with a big group of friends we got a bunch of hotel rooms to celebrate.  We had a keg in one of the rooms and I just hopped around the hotel from room to room throughout the night – most of the time flirting with a couple groups of girls in rooms across the hall from us.  Then around 11:00pm I got wind that the “happy couple” were in another one of their fights.  I didn’t really care that much – I had beer, I was trying to find a lovely lady to kiss at midnight and what was happening with the nightmare newlyweds was far from my mind.  

Then one of my friends told me they were taking the keg and a group of friends were going back to the house I lived in with a couple roommates – they were basically just trying to get my married buddy away from his soon to be ex wife and her friends.  I reluctantly agreed – mostly because the beer was leaving.  When we got back to our place the phone rang every 30 minutes from 11:30pm – 3:30am as my buddies wife shouted drunken bullshit into our answering machine.  As the night progressed the messages became more and more crazy and it was all we could do to keep my buddy at our place when his wife said she was going to throw all his stuff out onto the front lawn.  

Keep in mind New Years in Minnesota means lots of snow and about 10 degree weather.  The thought of his computer being tossed into a snowbank had him really pissed off.  We knew going home would have been a bad thing with both of them being drunk and very pissed so we kept him there – especially since she had actually cut him once before in a drunken fight… seriously.

A week later the divorce papers were filed and I never did get to kiss anyone at midnight.  I’ll have to make up for that tonight with the Lady Friend.

I hope all my Simpletons have a Happy & Safe New Years Eve.  I’ll have a re-post over the weekend, and I think anyone who blogs will be able to relate to it.  



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