I’m A Guest Posting Fool

Posted by Simple Dude | Posted in Uncategorized | Posted on 28-12-2010

This will be a quickie post…  I just had a couple thoughts I wanted to share with everyone.  First up I did a guest post today – over at Jumble Mash.  Be sure to go check it out, and while you’re there… follow her!!  It’s a little rant about stupid people, including another short story about our favorite couple of stupid neighbors:  Mr. & Mrs. Moron

My last post was a horror story from my days working as a radio DJ, and a number of commenters said I should write more stories from those days.  I think thats a great idea – I’m going to do just that in the coming weeks.  I have a couple good ones… the first that comes to mind involves my very own stalker, specifically two stalkers. 
I absolutely love all you commenters.  I have said it before and will again – I have the best commenters on the internet, it’s absolutely true.  I don’t always get a chance to reply to comments due to time constraints in my life but I do read each and every one and you guys always have me laughing so please keep them coming!
And in relation to all my great commenters and readers I want to know if you have questions for me.  They could be questions about life, love, sex, work or money – just don’t ask me for money.  They could be philosophical, serious or thought-provoking but they don’t have to be.  They could be downright stupid.  
Email me your questions:  simpledudemail @ gmail.com.   I’ll answer them in an upcoming post!
I’ll be back tomorrow with my own new post.. it’s about something we all know a lot about:  The Toilet.  Some may say it’s going to be a shitty post.  I wouldn’t though, I have more class than that. 


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