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Who is old enough to remember Richard Dawson on Family Feud?  That dude was smooth.  I didn’t know what to expect with my Survey Post a couple weeks back.  It ended up being one of my most popular in terms of page views and by FAR my most popular post in terms of comments – which is exactly what I wanted.  You can’t get an accurate survey with just a few responses so I am very happy to have received 49 comments on that post.  Wow… and thank you!

I finally found some time to compile the info over the last couple days.  While some of it comes as no surprise, it is still interesting.  I think it could help us become better bloggers – at least in terms of how we get our content out to our readers… and for those that care, it may help us to gain a few more followers.  After all, there is that whole “if a tree falls in the forest / people hearing it” thing to consider.  If no one is reading your blog – couldn’t you save yourself the trouble and keep an offline journal? 
Thanks to all of you..  Here is what I found:
1. How many times per week (average) do you post on your blog?
The range of answers here was typical with the smallest being once per week and the highest being about 10 times per week.  The average was 4.1 times per week – which ironically is exactly what I do.  You should see my .1 post, it’s amazing. 

2. Do you tweet to promote each post?  If so, how many times (average) per post? 
I was surprised by both the Twitter & Facebook answers.  Only 39% of responders use Twitter to promote their blog posts.  And of those people (myself included) we tweet an average of 1.25 times per post.  Most people said one to this answer, with a few saying they tweet each post a couple times.  

3. Do you promote using Facebook updates?  If so, how many times per post?
Facebook seems to be a little more popular then Twitter, but just barely.  43% of those who responded use Facebook to promote their posts and EVERY single respondent (including me) said they only hit FB once per post. 

4. How long have you been blogging?  Just your current blog if you have had others.  
Another wide variety of answers here, but averaging them out came to just over 11 months.

5. What have you found is the best way to gain interest, followers, pageviews to your blog?
This was the most interesting set of answers.  Some people flatly said “I have no idea” (love the honesty!) so hopefully this will help.  I split the most popular answers up and ranked them by percentage:

55% said by following and commenting on other blogs.  No surprise here, it’s my number one answer too.  

12% said through various social media (facebook, twitter)

11% said word of mouth.. but isn’t that tough to gauge online??   

8% claimed one of my favorite methods..  through pimping.  Whether it’s pimping some love out to another blog with the hope of getting it return or just by getting lucky and having people blindly pimp your blog for you.  I have been one lucky son of a bitch in this area.  

A few people mentioned blogging forums such as 20 Something Bloggers or Studio 30 Plus (I am a member) for bloggers over 30.  One surprise..  only two people claimed that their content has gained them followers. 

6. Do you, or have you ever had ads on your blog?   

83% said no they do not and have not ever had ads.  17% said they do.  I’d say close to half the people that said they do not use ads, said the presence of them does not bother them.  A few said they would or are considering them.  

My Two Cents: 

I’ve had the most success getting people to visit my blog simply by commenting on other blogs.  If the content you are putting out there appeals to those visitors, they will become followers.  

I know many of us are using Blogger and our followers come through Blogger and/or the Google Reader system.  But not everyone uses Blogger or wants to bother with a Google account.  That is why social media such as Facebook and Twitter are important – it gives you another way to let people know you put up a new post.  

Using my blog as an example.  I tweet each post at least once, sometimes twice and obviously it’s working since Twitter is my #1 referring site.  After that there are a few blogs mixed in, with Facebook being the #5 site for referrals.  If you don’t give a fat flippin’ fart about followers, and you use your blog strictly to hone your writing skills…  blogging can be a great way to do that.  Write, Write Write.  Like anything else, practice makes perfect.  

But if you are looking to gain followers in addition to working on your writing, I’d suggest trying out Twitter and/or Facebook for those that haven’t.  I am sure those who use these outlets would concur that they are gaining at least some traffic flow… otherwise why would they do it?  Just a thought.  

Thanks to all that participated!  I’m thinking about changing some of my methods after doing this… for instance doing a little Big Pimpin’ Series to help my fellow bloggers.  Anyone want to be pimped?  



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