Post Thanksgiving Haze

Posted by Simple Dude | Posted in Uncategorized | Posted on 26-11-2010

I am in a post Thanksgiving haze right now.  I ate way too much shit yesterday and didn’t even drink that much.  Don’t worry, I’ll make up for that tonight.  So I was a big blob of lazy, turkey smelling crap last night on the couch.  Therefore today’s post will be a shorty.   I just have a few random thoughts as I am making the foolish brave decision to hit the mall today.  Yes, on Black Friday.  Normally you wouldn’t get me near a mall today if they were giving out free lap dances and bacon wrapped cheese curds.  But the Lady Friend needs to pick up a few things and I agreed to make the trip with her.  At least she is buying me lunch. 
We have an annual Thanksgiving Day Turkey Trot 5K in Minneapolis every year on Thanksgiving morning…  huh, that’s ironic.  NOW that name finally makes sense to me.  Anyway I haven’t ran it before but have a handful of friends that always do.  The temperature outside at the start of the run yesterday morning?  8 degrees.  That’s Fahrenheit not Celsius for my non American friends.  How in the holy ham and cheese hell do you run 5K in 8 degree weather?  Man this city sucks.  We got some more snow this week and with these temps it looks like it’s here to stay for the next 5 months.  Sigh.
I have that game/app Angry Birds on my phone..  has anyone played it?  If not, don’t.  It’s addicting as shit and it seems to go on forever.  But if you are a masochist with plenty of time on your hands then by all means download it… it is free.  Anyway, the Lady Friend is hooked on it too, like it’s some kind of shopping/ice cream/crack combo to her.  She was playing last night and I asked her if it was disrespectful to be playing Angry Birds while eating turkey.  She gave me a look as if I has just farted or something and turned right back to the game without a word.  I didn’t really understand the look..  I am pretty sure I HADN’T just farted, but who knows.. I don’t keep track of those things.
Things were pretty uneventful with the big Thanksgiving family gathering yesterday.  Turkey, stuffing, pie and beer.  All in all not a bad way to spend a Thursday.   The Lady Friend took a bunch of money off my aunts and cousins in some weird card games the females were playing while the guys sat in the basement and watched football, talking about cars, lap dances and bacon wrapped cheese curds. 
If all goes well and I survive the blasted mall, I may have something to report over the weekend.  But most likely I’ll just have another Half Assed Weekend Post.  When you consider the fact that my weekday posts are pretty half assed too, that doesn’t say much for me now does it?  Don’t answer that. 
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