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Before I get to my Holiday Meal Story that I was required to give when accepting my Shiny Happy Turkey Blog award, I need to throw some props out there. 
First off I won an award.  No, it’s not my first award.  Or my second.  Or even my 5th.  But my favorite award is always my most recent award so in my mind this sucker kicks ass.  It’s from Vinny C at As Vinny C’s It.  It’s called The Tanned Hide Blog Award.  It somehow involves spanking or getting spanked or so I think based on the visual.  And to be honest when I read magazines or books it’s usually just the visuals I look for anyway.  Although in my defense the magazines and books I read are usually the dirty kind. 
So big thanks to Vinny C!  Be sure to check out his blog – i’m a new follower of his, and so far so good.  A lot of these awards require you to pass them along.  I am not sure if this is the case here or not, but I make up my own rules anyway.  So I’m gonna pass it along to a few people. 
Average Girl from It’s An Average Life – Her posts are great, and her comments on my blog always crack me up.  She is anything but average, and she probably knows it.  Some would say I am anything but Simple..  but they’d be lying. 
Kelly at My Joy Project – I may be risking my DUDE card by admitting this, but some of her recent posts have struck a chord with me.  Making me remember dating struggles in my past.  Between you and me (and my 150 other followers) I feel your pain, truly.  Stay strong!
And lastly to Canadian Blogger Girl because she just threw some monster blog love my way and I am a monster blog pimp who is an equal opportunity blog whore.  Thanks CBG!
To all of you who commented on my last blog saying they’d love to have me pimp them… stay tuned.  I’m working on it!
Now to my story.  I lived in my parents house through college, until I was about 21 years old.  When I moved out I moved to another state – South Dakota.  I moved there to go to work at a small town radio station (I was a radio DJ for 2+ years.. lots of stories about that to come) and when you want to work in radio you pretty much have to start at a small town.  I grew up in Minneapolis and the Minneapolis / St. Paul metro area has about 2.5 million people, so moving to a town of 15,000 was a shock.  BIG shock.  I didn’t know a single person in town when I moved there, outside of a couple people I worked with who were 15 – 20 years older than I was.  So I was pretty much alone.  My parents, friends, girlfriend all lived about 250 miles away and I only got one day per week off, which happened to be Wednesdays.  Seriously.  So if I wanted to come home and visit people i’d have 1 day to do it. 
I moved there the week after Thanksgiving, which was nice since I got to spend the holiday with my family.  And over the next couple weeks I got settled into my new place, started to get to know my neighbors a little bit but they were older too so I didn’t really find anyone to “hang” with after work.  You know.. get a beer, cruise for chicks, polish our gun racks..  whatever people do in small towns. 
Christmas fell on a Friday that year which is great for some, but not for a person who only gets Wednesdays off.  Remember, I was a radio DJ.  Radio stations don’t shut down for holidays.  Now-a-days they have computers that can run the station, playing music and even pre-recorded speaking breaks making it sound like a DJ is sitting there talking to you.  But back then no such luck… someone had to sit there and spin the records.  Well, mostly CDs but we actually did have a record player in the studio that occasionally got used.  So on Christmas Eve after work I went over to the Jubilee Foods that was behind my apartment.  I bought some mashed potatoes (screwed that up) some stuffing (turned out dry as crushed chalk) and a pre-cooked ham.  That turned out ok – all I had to do was heat it up.  And I spent Christmas day alone in my apartment. 
There wasn’t much on TV that day, especially in the middle of the day (I didnt have to be at work until 5pm) so I ended up watching a soap opera.  It was their Christmas episode and the whole family was gathered for their dinner.  In a weird way it made me feel like home so I watched the damn thing.  And may or may not have gotten a little misty.  
Feel sorry for me?  Yeah, it sucked.  Even though family pisses me off sometimes, being alone makes you appreciate even the stupidest of relatives.


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