I’m A Guest Postin’ Turkey Winnin’ Fool

Posted by Simple Dude | Posted in Uncategorized | Posted on 19-11-2010

Earlier this week Cinderita contacted me about doing a guest post on her blog.  I hadn’t thought much about doing a guest post before getting her email, but it sounded intriguing so I figured what the hell!  We emailed back and forth about format or what to write and decided that it would be cool for me to post about a topic that SHE recently had posted about. 
I had just read a post she did last week called 100% or Bust.  Essentially it was asking whether or not you are giving 100% to the various aspects of your life.  It’s a great personal, introspective question and I decided to tackle it.  I know many of my posts are goofy, funny or make you laugh out of pure stupidity.  I’m not sure this one will have the same effect..  it’s a different side of the Simple Dude.  But I hope you at least find it interesting.  Click here to read my post
Check out the rest of Cinderita’s blog and if you are not already following her…  DO IT.  I’m not above bribery.  
And I do have some other good news to report…  well, good news to me anyway.  I was given another award!  The Shiny Turkey Award.  It makes me think of that Shiny Happy People song by R.E.M.  Good band, shitty song.  This award was given to me first by Steph Gas from It’s Never Too Late To Save A Hopeless Case.  And then it was given to me again by J.Day from The Ramblings of Charlie Brown.  Check them out.. they are a couple of real turkeys..  HA!  Get it??  Do ya?  See, I took the name of the award and turned it around on the givers!  Golly..  I’m a funny fucker!
Anyway, with this award you are supposed to tell a horror story involving a holiday meal involving alcohol or something like that.  I do have a story about a holiday meal that I spent entirely alone many years ago.  Yep, i’ll have ya feeling sorry for me on this one.  I don’t have time for it right now but promise to share it soon. 
Hope you have a good weekend…  and don’t forget to go read my guest post on Cinderita’s blog.  


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