Half Ass Weekend Post

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As with many of my weekend posts, I am going to half ass this one.  Why?  I only get about half the views and comments on weekends, so the post gets half the effort.  Makes sense to me.  In fact maybe this could end up being a series… Half Ass Weekends.  I like it. 
Today I just have a random experience to share with you.  The other day I was getting ready to leave for work and I saw a lone, single Banana Nut Cheerio sitting on the couch cushion.  The lady friend sometimes sits there with a bowl of cereal watching TV before leaving for work in the mornings.  She leaves about 30 minutes before I do so she was already gone when I saw this.  I grabbed the lonely Cheerio and threw it away.  But I pulled out my phone and sent her a text:
Just wondered if that random Cheerio left sitting on the couch was there for a reason?  Maybe you forgot it?  I saved it for you.“  
To which she responded:
Thank God you did.  It was watching TV with me and I thought I had lost it.  You are my Cheerio Hero.  Where is your cape?”  

I thought that was funny and couldn’t come up with an adequate response so I let it be.
This weekend the Lady Friend and I are going “out of town”.  I use the quotes because we’re only driving about an hour down to a city in southern MN called Red Wing.  They have a kick ass 100+ year old hotel there that I have stayed at a few times so it’ll probably be a nice expensive romantic weekend.  I’ll try to snap a pic or two to share with all of you Simpletons.

Is it ok to refer to my followers as Simpletons?  I am the Simple Dude after all.  Plus I mean it with all the love and admiration possible.  And only a wee bit of sarcasm there.

If you haven’t done so yet, be sure to check out my guest post over at Cinderita’s blog.  It’ll make you a better person.  

SD (aka Cheerio Hero) 


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