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I alluded to an idea of Why We’re Screwed Mondays last week and I think I am going to move forward with that idea…  but not yet.  I know I missed it yesterday, but while there has been plenty of proof that we’re all screwed this week – I was unable to get any photographic proof.  And me, being the visual demon that I am, will have to try to capture something in time for next Monday.  
However I do have some good news for my little following flock of fuckers.  I’m doing a prize giveaway!!  Since I am not fond of rules I am going to keep this sucka simple.  Like me.  Just leave a comment telling me why YOU should win.  It doesn’t have to be long or rhyme or use my name or talk about hippos.  But try to be at least a little creative.  Though if you’re not it doesn’t matter – this will be a random drawing.  And just for the hell of it I’ll throw in an Ass Kickin’ Beer Drinkin’ award
I am going to give the winner three options to choose from:
 The Sopranos Complete Series DVD set

True Blood Season 1 DVD set

Entourage Season 4 DVD set

First off in full disclosure, the Entourage & Sopranos sets are brand new and sealed shut – but the True Blood set has been opened.  However I can assure you it’s in excellent condition.  If these DVD’s are not your thing, keep in mind the holidays are coming.. you could re-gift!  Or just sell them on Ebay, I don’t give a shit.  Once they are yours, they are yours!

I’ll be choosing a winner the evening of next Monday November 1st. Oh, and to qualify you do have to be a follower of mine here, on Twitter or have LIKED me on Facebook..  whatever that means. 

These were left overs from my class reunion last month..  I may have a few other goodies up my proverbial sleeve for future giveaways too.  So stay the fuck tuned!!

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