Space Face vs. Wire Weiner

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I have had the same TV provider for about 8 years.  I am not going to name them, but lets just say they get you their signal WITHOUT requiring any wires going into your house from the street.  The signal magically appears from space.  So we’ll call them Space Face.  I have been very happy with them, through thick and thin.  It hasn’t always gone perfectly.  There were a couple times that things happened to inconvenience my TV viewing.  And I watch a LOT of TV so thats a pretty damn big inconvenience..  know what i’m saying?  But each time it happened Space Face fixed the problem and bonused me with some kind of extras to make up for my troubles.  Free HBO / Showtime, a $100 credit to my account.  Shit like that.  Fixing these goofs has made me a very loyal Space Face customer. 
Moving into the lady friend’s house a few weeks ago presented a quandary.  She has used a competing company for just about the same length of time.  Without naming them i’ll say that you DO need wires coming into your house from the street for their service.  We’ll call them Wire Weiner.  Following me?  Good.
In my experience Wire Weiner has very shitty customer service.  When we were talking about me moving in I explained that I preferred to stay with Space Face.  I liked their DVR system, their onscreen guide and obviously their customer service.  She was ok with it, so that was that.  But as it turns out adding a certain piece of rooftop equipment to her house Space Face requires was a little more complex then we thought.  And since she already has internet with Wire Weiner it would have complicated all the cables running through the walls..  meaning Space Face and Wire Weiner are not able to share the same cabling so we would have to add jacks to each room, etc.  Granted Space Face would have been willing to do this for free – just to keep me as a customer.  But we decided it wasn’t really worth all the hassle.
So no more Space Face.  Since I brought my big fancy flat screen TV into our household, I had to go pick up a new HD DVR at Wire Weiner’s retail location.  After waiting in line for about 20 minutes I get up to the counter only to have Wire Weiner lady tell me I am not on the account and therefore not authorized to pick up a DVR. This despite another Wire Weiner lady on the phone the night before adding me to the account.  My guess is the in-person lady disliked her job and decided to be a bitch to everyone just to prove it.  She refused to give me the DVR which pissed me off.  I told her (loud enough for the room to hear) that this is exactly why I have always preferred Space Face over Wire Weiner and walked out of the place.
Outside I called Wire Weiner’s 1-800 number and the person on the line said yes indeed I was on the account and that they would talk to the store person.  I went back inside, walked ahead of the line and handed my phone to the woman.  Whatever they said got through to her, since she relented and gave me the DVR.
At the end of the day bundling our Wire Weiner TV and Wire Weiner internet probably is saving us money over Space Face so at least there is that.  Have any of you switched TV services recently?  Which do you prefer?

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