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First off a note on my last post.  For those that didn’t figure out who Wire Weiner and Space Face are – it’s Comcast and DirecTV.  Whether it’s Comcast or some other cable company, it sounds like most of you dislike them – good for you.  They suck.

Now onto something much more important.. and timely.  I absolutely freakin’ love Halloween.  Something about getting dressed up in a costume has always been awesome to me… maybe I just never outgrew the whole trick or treating thing.  I have had much, MUCH more fun at parties, bars or hanging out with friends around Halloween then I ever had on New Years Eve.  Speaking of which, that may be a post for another day:  How incredibly overrated New Years is..  now that is a stupid holiday. But putting on a costume and pretending you are someone else for a night is awesome.  Do our lives suck that much?

I am going to give you all a glimpse of the Simple Dude.  Not just sharing some stupid personal shit, but an actual legit photo of me.  I know this is an anonymous blog, not using my real name or any pics of myself.  For those of you curious, that profile picture I use is a tray of Cheese Curds.  A real grease filled delicacy here in the upper Midwest.  Smart Ass Sara and Ang know what I am talking about.  I know what you are thinking:  Simple Dude doesn’t want to put his picture on his blog.  Thats fine, but why the hell does he subject us to a pic of deep fried artery clogging greezy cheese???  Cause that’s how I roll. 
But back to me.  This was my Halloween costume from two years ago.  I’m a hippie.  By the looks of this picture a very drunk hippie.  This costume involved a bunch of accessories that may or may not have been lost by the time this photo was taken.  No that’s not my real hair, believe it or not.  Mine is a little longer.  And lime green.  
Yeah I know it’s really shitty quality.  It was a low res picture, taken by a drunk friend of mine on his crappy phone.  But it’s all I have of that particular costume. That pic makes me look fat – which I probably was.  I have lost about 20 pounds in the last year as I turn my body into a rock hard temple.  Stop giggling.  Seriously. 
I can’t post a picture of the costume I wore last year because it stayed in the closet unused.  Three days before Halloween last year I started getting sick… long story short, it ended up being H1N1… yep, the fuckin’ swine flu.  I have never felt so shitty in my life and wouldn’t wish that on ANYONE.  I was laid up for about 5 days without leaving the house.  So the costume I intended to wear has been sitting in the back of my closet for a year and will get brought out this weekend:  a full body penguin suit!  Haha!  I think it will be hilarious.  If it’s as funny as I think it will be i’ll post pictures next week!
Hope you all have a great weekend and scare up some fun!  Ok, that was lame.

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