SALE Away With Me !!

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I just want to give an update on the whole yard sale thing. For those unfamiliar, check out my last post.. and all the subsequent comments. You all offered amazing advice and I hate to say it but I am going to go against many of your warnings. I am going to have a sale. Bad idea? Shit yeah.. I am going to have to deal with a bunch of idiots pouring over my stuff, making low offers and generally pissing me off.  

I had decided it was not a good idea and was leaning towards donating stuff, throwing away stuff, giving stuff to friends or having a giant bonfire in the middle of the fucking street. But ultimately I decided that I might as well try to get SOMETHING for all this stuff, even if it’s just a few hundred bucks. And more importantly it’ll provide some good material for another blog post next week. My goal is to keep my HTC Evo handy to snap some candid photos of the goofballs that stop by, so if all goes well I’ll get some photographic proof that I pulled this thing off and lived to bitch about it. It’s going to happen the weekend of October 1st. 

A couple posts back I included a photo I took of a taxi I saw that had whiskey plates. I still cannot explain how a taxi is still on the street schlepping people around after the driver has had multiple DUIs but there he was. I will be taking a peek at at the plates of any cab I get into from now on. Ironically the other night while at a bar I saw this poster for a local singing group:

So at least you know I wasn’t making up the whole whiskey plates thing… it does seem fitting that it’s a country music group that has named themselves the Whiskey Plates. But before you get all pissy with me, no not all country music fans are drunks.  It just seems that most drunks are country music fans… hmmmm… 
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